Historic Homes

3537 Pembina Highway

Of all the homes and businesses once on the Pembina Highway it is the last of that vintage still standing on the west side. During the latter part of the 19th century a hotel run by Napolèon Lemay was on that property, a short distance from the railway station.
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932 avenue de l’Eglise

932 avenue de I’Eglise.


960 avenue de l’Eglise

Labelled ‘a character cutie’ when put up for sale during late summer 2010, this two-storey frame dwelling was built in 1902-3 by carpenter Bruno Verrier (1863-1926) for his family.

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50 rue Lord

This white brick house close to the Red River north east of the St. Norbert Nursing home was built in 1912-3 for the Henri de Moissac family. It replaced the log house the family had occupied since 1901.

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839 avenue du Couvent

Home to the Victor Champagne, Manaigre, Albert Cormier families, and Wayne Nielson.


856 avenue de l’Eglise

Home of Urgel Ritchot.


860 avenue de l’Eglise

Home of Arthur Delorme.


857 avenue de l’Èglise

Home built by Adolphe Landry.


903 avenue de l’Eglise

Home built by William Campeau.


908 avenue de l’Èglise

Second home to the Monchamp family after the fire of 1902 that claimed the lives of 5 children.


10 rue Campeau

Luc Campeau’s family home (at #4 – his father’s home).


38 rue Campeau

Home built by Arthur Guertin 1916-7.


991 avenue Ducharme

Built by Alphonse Lord in the mid 1910s.


1017 avenue Ducharme

West of the tracks – north side – built for the Elie Trottier, Sr. family.


3653 South of the Bridge

Home of William A. Durant.


3671 South of the Bridge

Home built for the George Kenny family; later occupied by David Pelland.


Off rue Lemaire at the end of avenue Gendreau

Home built for the model farm known as ‘La Grande Amie’ from the estate of Father Ritchot. Later home of the Westendorf family.