This white brick house close to the Red River and north east of the St. Norbert Nursing home was built in 1912-3 for the Henri de Moissac family. It replaced the log house the family had occupied since 1901.

Born in France, Henri(1879-1944) married Angès Lachance of St. Norbert. They had 11 children. Before becoming secretary-treasurer of the RM of Fort Garry in 1912 (position held until 1923), Henri taught at the Boys’ School and worked for the RM of Ritchot. He worked for the City of St. Boniface for 11 years, returning to the RM of Fort Garry in 1934 and remained there until his death.

The three-storey home has interesting features including the windows on all sides on the third floor allowing a vista of the river, the bedrooms are a good size, and a safe is in place in the basement for the secretary-treasurer’s safekeeping responsibilities. Some early meetings were in his house, as the Municipal Hall was not ready to accommodate the newly-formed council.

Residents after the de Moissac family were ones by the name of King and that of Auguste Thorimbert, the Provincial Fire Commissioner in the 1960s.

A park at the corner of rue La Barrière, avenues du Couvent and St-Gabriel, remembers the de Moissac family.

The present resident is Father Albert Lalonde (269-6554) who is informed about the plaque program.