Louis Riel

Louis was born on the Red River settlement on October 22, 1844. At the age of 7, he attended a school in St. Boniface and was taught by the Grey Nuns. He then furthered his studies at the University of Montreal until 1865. Afterward, he worked in several American cities before returning to the Red River settlement in 1868. When the Canadian government was trying to claim the land of the Métis, Louis Riel acted as an advocate for them. In the late 1860’s, he became the leader of the Métis people in the Red River Valley.

The Canadian government wanted to take the land of the Métis and make it a part of Manitoba. In 1869, Louis Riel was elected the president of the provisional government and resisted the Canadian troops. The Canadian government exiled Louis for 5 years. After those 5 years, he returned home and formed a provisional government. In 1885, a revolt broke out, the Canadian government attacked the rebels and captured Louis Riel. He was then charged with treason and hanged. Louis was an advocate for the Métis people and tried to protect their land and rights.

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