When the Oblate Fathers decided not to sell their property to a developer, they needed some more satisfactory arrangement to dispose of it. X Kalay badly wanted to remain there but could not meet the Oblates’ financial requirements. Eventually, through donations, grants and a CMHC mortgage, X Kalay had the resources to take ownership. Part of the “deal” was that the property that is known as Place Saint-Norbert would be available for use by Heritage Saint-Norbert for community purposes. As time went by, the continued ownership of the property by X Kalay became doubtful. A further substantial donation resolved the financial issues but required that the Place Saint-Norbert area be subdivided and title would be turned over to a corporation of Heritage Saint-Norbert’s creation. That was the origin of the St. Norbert Foundation. The property extends from the Community Club to Avenue de la Digue and from Pembina Highway to the property of École Noël-Ritchot. Heritage Saint-Norbert has moved or built a number of structures on the property.