In celebration of Canada’s 100th anniversary, a Saint-Norbert resident, Normand Tellier, built an ox cart, hitched an ox to it and set off for Batoche, Saskatchewan. Though he only made it partway, on his return he had the ox stuffed and rigged up with the cart to perform in parades. The ox was even able to perform certain of the normal functions of a live ox. Heritage Saint-Norbert became heir to the outfit. It was eventually withdrawn from the parades out of concern for its longevity. In order to protect it from the elements, it was decided to build a structure within Place Saint-Norbert as its permanent home. A timber frame building was erected with lots of windows so that the public could view it. Later, an effigy of Jeanne Perreault was added as the driver. A description of the reasons for the display is provided on the windows.